Okere-Urhobo royal families rebuke Louis Okumagba, seek IGP’s Intervention

• Move to prevent monumental communal war between Itsekiri and Urhobo

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Okere-Urhobo royal families rebuke Louis Okumagba, seek IGP’s Intervention
IGP, Usman Alkali Baba

Royal families in Okere-Urhobo have condemned the role of Chief Louis Okumagba in the 30 plots released by the Delta State government to the Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu families of Warri in the Okere – Urhobo kingdom of Delta State.

They described it as a negative development and a minus for peace and development in Delta State.

In a letter titled: ‘’Attempt / efforts to cause communal war, fanning members of the community for communal dispute, conduct likely to cause breach of peace and criminal defamation of characters of our clients; Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu families of Warri in the Okere – Urhobo kingdom of Delta State, all committed by Mr. Louis Okumagba – a call to investigate the allegation herein, the families urged the Inspector General of Police to use his good office to investigate allegations against Louis Okumagba, so as to prevent a monumental communal war/crisis between Itsekiri and the Urhobo of Okere Urhobo Kingdom.

’’God forbid a repetition of what happened in 1997/98 in Okere-Urhobo Kingdom’’

Counsel to the Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu families of Warri in the Okere – Urhobo Kingdom, L O. Egboyi & CO said in the 1974/76, the then government of Mid-Western Nigeria acquired a part or portion of our client’s land for public purpose.

‘’In 2017, the Delta State government gave part of this acquired land to Messrs. Seriviri Nig. Ltd. for the purpose of partnership (Leisure Park) with the state government, covered by a certificate of Occupancy. Considering the size of the land given to Seriviri Nig. Ltd, for the partnership, it could not utilize the entire land. So, it entered into agreement with our client family, wherein, it released 30 plots thereof back to the family – our clients’’ 

The Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu families of Warri are made up of the popular Okumagba family of Warri, Okere- Urhobo kingdom.

‘’Our clients are the owners of all the land in the entire Okere-Urhobo kingdom Warri. Certain Mr. Louis Okumagba who is the black sheep of the family started to foment trouble, disturbing and threatening Seriviri Nig. Ltd, with thugs and dangerous weapons which led to his arrest in 2019 to the Police Force Headquarters', Abuja. After being granted bail by the police, the suspect (Mr. Louis Okumagba) rushed to file a fundamental Human Rights action against the Police, at the Delta State High Court, sitting in Warri. The action stalled the prosecution of the suspect (Mr. Louis) by the Police’’.

The families said the suit of the suspect against the Police was dismissed by the Delta State High Court, sitting in Warri, with a specific order of the Court directing the police to arrest and prosecute the suspect (Mr Louis Okumagba).

‘’While the Police were looking for the suspect for arrest and prosecution as directed by the Court, the same suspect went to social media (Opera news) to declare that “there will be looming danger of war/crisis between the Itsekiri and Urhobos”, thereby inciting, promoting and instigating communal war between the two peaceful co-existing communities of Itsekiri and Urhobo’’.

This incitement, according to the families, created several apprehensions in the minds of locals, which has affected the hitherto peace that reigned and pervaded the two communities.

‘’Furthermore, the suspect posted on the same social media that some named members of our clients namely, Chief Gideon Okumagba, Stanley Oki, Chief Victor Okumagba, Engr. Prince Ojuvwu Okumagba and others, sent assassins to his house to kill him, but he escaped by the whiskers. He confirmed that he had a one-on-one confrontation with the assassins, who confirmed the named members of our clients above, as the people who commissioned them to eliminate him’’.

The legal practitioners described Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu as bunch of responsible families

‘’Olodi, Oki and Ighogbadu families are known throughout Nigeria for their peaceful disposition. The named individuals are distinguished and respected members of the Okumagba family and the Nigeria Society. Our clients therefore take the allegation of hiring assassins by its members very seriously, especially in this era of Security challenges in the country’’.

The families also deplored the actions of Louis Okumagba and urged the Inspector General of Police to use his good offices to investigate the allegations and anyone found culpable to be brought to book.

‘’So, if investigation reveal the named individuals as assassins or connected to the attempt assassination of the suspect, as he alleged, they should be so indicted and prosecuted. But otherwise, the law on criminal defamation as enshrined in the Criminal Code and status in Nigeria are still very potent and alive. We assure you of our client's co-operation with your men in the investigation of this petition’’.

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