Anti NDDC protest by Itsekiri youths diversionary-Syndicated Report

*Says only two projects out of 57 awarded to Itsekiri were completed

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Anti NDDC protest by Itsekiri youths diversionary-Syndicated Report

The last may not have been heard about the recent protest by some Itsekiri youth groups over perceived marginalization of Itsekiri Nation by the new board of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC in terms of fresh projects advertised for tender, as a source has alleged in a syndicated report that the NDDC has in the last few years awarded 57 projects for the benefit of Itsekiri people running into billions of naira, claiming the protest was a diversionary attempt by some Itsekiri leaders/contractors to cover their non- performance.

The revelation which purportedly exposed the truth about Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC projects awarded for various Itsekiri communities showed that if the projects were completed as planned, there would have been a major positive transformation in the communities. 

From the information made available to Fresh Angle International weekend, it was alleged that of the entire 57 projects, only two were completed, 14 others have been on a very long on-going process and 41 others appear to have been abandoned by the contractors who are Itsekiri indigenes. 

“The Itsekiri youths are being misguided by their selfish members who do not want the truth to be revealed”, a source familiar with the on-going development said. The source added, “their plan is to shift the focus and attention of their failure, greed and wickedness against their people on the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC. If the Itsekiri people, particularly the youth that went on the streets knew the truth they will certainly be singing a different song”.

The source who said he was ready to expose the dealings, said “the recent protests were politically motivated and alleged that three million naira was used to encourage the youths to carry out the protest”.

The report expressed surprise that the protesters did not call the their own, Hon. Daniel Reyenieju, the member representing Warri Federal Constituency to find out what has been happening to NDDC projects which were planned to benefit the Itsekiri people before hitting the streets. 

“Hon. Reyenieju knows far better what projects were penciled for the Itsekiri people, he should also know who these projects were awarded to and why these jobs have not been completed. These projects have not escaped his radar except he wants to tell the people he is not properly representing them after three terms and that is not good enough. The people should ask him for a constituency briefing or town hall meetings to enable him explain what he knows about the NDDC projects designed for the good people of Itsekiri land”, the unnamed source explained.

Continuing he said, “do you know that the Itsekiri indigenous contractors who failed to execute these projects have since collected their 15% mobilization fees? So, who loves the Itsekiri people more, the NDDC that awarded 57 contracts for the good of the people or the contractors who are shortchanging their own very communities?” 

“NDDC should not be blackmailed”, he stated. Explaining further he noted that “if the contractors had completed the jobs, by now, the commission would have moved ahead”. 



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