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I don’t drink- Klint D’ Drunk

The mere mention of Anambra born Afamefuna Clinton, otherwise known as Klint D’ Drunk rings a bell

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I don’t drink- Klint D’ Drunk
Klint D' Drunk

The mere mention of Anambra born Afamefuna Clinton, otherwise known as Klint D’ Drunk rings a bell in the entertainment industry. Whenever he appears, sorrows become a thing of the past. During his recent visit to Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, the IMT graduate of Fine Art spoke to Our Correspondent, Odimayo Olatunde Fredrick.


Can we meet you?

Uhmmm! Meeting me in this school is an understatement. You are already seeing me….Anyway my nameis Afamefuna Clinton popularly called klint D’ Drunk. I am an indigene ofAnambra State. I attended Institute of Management and Technology, IMT, Enugu where I studied Fine Art. Coming into comedy is a great pleasure and desire right from my childhood. Comedy has always been part of me (He laughs). So my action which has created prominence both home and abroad is credited to God almighty, the giver of knowledge and creativity.

How do you see yourself in the Entertainment Industry?

Comedy is really a most challenging aspect of my life. I am an artist and comedian. What I do on the screen in the aspect of drunkenness is a mere acting to create my own stylein the industry, I don’t drink. Klint D’ Drunk is an act. Is just like Rambo.Rambo use to kill people.  But when you see Sylvester Stalon, you definitely call him Rambo. Rambo is a character in a movie that kills people.But Sylvester Stalon is the medium that Rambo used in bringing out himself forthe world to see. Patience Ozorkwo is not that wicked, but mama G is using Patience Ozorkwo as a platform to keep her act. So the idea is that, I act asthe drunk. That is why, I am a comedy act. Not just a brand of comedian. I am acomedy actor (prolonged laughter)…

Why are you in Auchi Polytechnic?

I am surprised that you are asking me this question (touching his chest). If you are asking me all this, then what are you doing here (frowned his face). I’m not blind, I’m here to honour a woman who has made an impact in the life of many in this nation. In fact, I used to call her mother of all Nation with the level of her achievement and dynamism in piloting the affairs of our academic environment.

What is your perception of this institution?

Oh! To my greatest surprise, Federal Polytechnic Auchi has really turned to an unbeatable institution. Really, I have so many friends who have graduated from this school with flying colours. They are now a positive instrument to this nation. When I came to this school at first, it was not really like this. The buildings, the outlook, its name in the outside world have been a ring tone in the lips of many Nigerians. When I heard that the school is now running an FM station, I was perplexed. But now, I am seeing myself.

Are you telling us there are positive changes in theInstitution?

Yes of course! Right now, Auchi Polytechnic has grown to be one of the best Institutions in Nigeria and even beyond. Not because I came here for the show. I have heard alot of positive news from the school. Federal Polytechnic Auchi now has one of the lowest rate in terms of cultism and negative activities and that is wonderful (wore a little smile on his face). There is a lot of security hereand everything is perfect, I think this school will make this nation proud as it has been doing over the years. The management of the institution is doing everything to maintain the structure, I think it’s perfect that way.

How will yourate the Rector, Dr. (Mrs.) Philipa Idogho?

Let me just putit this way. I do not know what every other Vice Chancellor or Rector has done in any other school, but she is the only one I have heard with her great work in transforming the institution since its existence. I see the Rector as a woman of hundred men. If this is the only one available that means she is the best. Let’s say you have headache or you broke your legs and the broken legs actually pains you more than the headache, the only thing you can associate yourself with is that broken leg.  And that’s where all the concentration will be. The headache might be there, but may not be disturbing you much. Among all Rectors and Vice Chancellors, I have heard what this woman has done and still doing. It was actually an honour for me to meet her here and it was even a great privilege for me to dance with her on stage, not many will have this privilege.

Any advice to Nigeria Students?

Yes oooo….Students should stay off violence. Try as much as possible to relate very well with each other, with their lecturers and even the management of the institution. Know why they are here, they should pass through the school and allow the school to pass through them. Get as much education as possible. Then they should try to be the best in life positively. And the last but not the least, If they must drink, they should drink responsively (he drank water and continued laughing).

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