Opinion: A time to speak in One Voice- Yomere

I will give a brief of the Supreme Court judgement between Omadino people and Ijaw of Bakokodia

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Opinion: A time to speak in One Voice- Yomere
Yomere Armstrong Omaretsuli



I will give a brief of the Supreme Court judgement between Omadino people and Ijaw of Bakokodia in the case suit no W/29/1949, judgement was delivered in 1951. Omadino was the plaintiffs and Ijaws residing in Bakokodia now corrupted and illegally called kokodiagbene was the defendant. 
Those of you that are educated ( the new generation like me ), that are opportune to go to school should advise the illiterates that believes using of guns is the best way to agitate, because it was favorable 1997, this is the 21 century, progressive people think how to make the world a better place. 
The Court Judgement: 
You are commanded to attend this court at Ode - Itsekiri on the 23rd day August , 1949 at 10,o’clock a.m to answer a suit by plaintiff of Omadinor against you . 
Plaintiffs claims (1) Declaration of title etc . 
(2) £300 (300 pounds ) damages etc 
(See particulars of claim attached ). 
Issued at Ode Itsekiri the 4th day of August , 1949 . 
Fees £8 , service 9: 
(Sgd .C.S . Delemore : 
Signature of President or Vice President ) 
TAKE NOTICE: if you do not attend , the court will give judgement in your absence 
(a) state plaintiffs claim clearly . 
(Sgd ) J.A.E Yalaju 
Certified True copy : 
(Sgd ) E.O District clerk 
1) Chief Sillo (M) of Omadinor 
2)Chief Golley (M) of Omadinor 
On behalf of themselves and the people of Omadinor 
Adurumokomor on behalf of himself and the people of Bakokodia.......Defendant 
We have educated Omadino sons and daughters, we equally have Gbaramatu ijaws that are lawyers and well schooled, l guess we have Itsekiri sons and daughters that are lawyers and their parents were killed during the 1997 crisis and their brothers throw into burning houses , some were beheaded and plenty abducted . 
(Another smart move by GYC President Onitsha ), did you notice that the take notice is written in capital letters , because it is an ORDER . 
The plaintiffs and defendant above are illiterates, but the made money through fishing and cutting of timbers , before going into cloth businesses. 
Remember, they did not go to court because of crude oil , it was because of fishing rights, carving of canoes and lands ownership. 
They choose the court to flex their strengths and claims , while some youths are planning to start another crisis, when the people of the 21 century are thinking of living together, Onitsha believes guns and killing is the best way, Onitsha Ebikime Clark,  GYC President threatening to sabotage the economy of Delta state and Nigeria, everybody is afraid to arrest him , when he is the  tribe man and the same local government with notable personalities in Delta state , if it were to be other person they may have arrested and prosecuted such person.
It is a legal framework and l will protect it with my life . It is my inheritance and that of my children, l will not joke with the Supreme Court  judgement of Suit No. W/29/1949. They can live in Okighigho and Bakokodia as our brothers, since the words customary tenants is annoying but a legal terms . 
If you are interested as Itsekiri copy will be made available and if you are from Gbaramatu kingdom you need a copy , l will gladly give you and see you in Appeal Court . 
For now Omadinor owned those lands . 
Part 1 
Sir , Yomere Armstrong Omaretsuli 
PRO Omadino Management Committee of the  Trust, Omadino community. 

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