Nortreus Urge for election by citizens or add new faces to consensus in 'Plan B' to CARICOM

In a March 7, 2024 letter sent to the members of the Caribbean Community, Haitian politician Werley

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Nortreus Urge for election by citizens or add new faces to consensus in 'Plan B' to CARICOM

In a March 7, 2024 letter sent to the members of the Caribbean Community, Haitian politician Werley Nortreus proposes a "Plan B" following the resignation of the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry.


Nortreus writes in the letter that what's going on in Haiti comes from a lack of leadership as he volunteered.


PM Henry has recently gone to Kenya to sign a reciprocal agreement with the Kenyan government to allow their police officers in a troubled Caribbean country to fight the gangs. The deployment was recently rejected by the High Court of Kenya and Kenyan opposition groups. Unfortunately, according to public opinion, most Haitians and Kenyans also rejected the deployment as protests continued.


 According to credible sources, Henry cannot enter Port-au-Prince due to an airport blockade and gunfights across the Capital. Several shootings have also caused other members of his administration to be unable to enter.  


Given the current chaos, violence, and protests that caused his resignation, the United States government, CARICOM, and other countries have urged him to resign to stop what is currently happening for a transitional period. As a result of increased chaos and violence, Nortreus states that 'Plan B' should be adopted as soon as possible following Henry's resignation bid.


“I received updates from credible sources that former Prime Minister of Haiti, Dr. Ariel Henry, resigned not so long ago and he’s currently in Puerto Rico. I think my 'Plan B' should be adopted as soon as possible to solve the current crisis. I've also learned that a lot of Haitians and Kenyans also rejected the MSS mission, but I still think Haiti needs it. Honestly, I think what is happening is caused by a lack of leadership from current and previous administrations. In my official letter to CARICOM, I suggest simple plans B1 and B2 because I also believe that Haiti needs a Haitian solution while the international community cooperates with Haitians. My plan B urges Haitian citizens to organize a simple election themselves, or the Haitian government and opposition groups should add new faces to the consensus for the transitional period. It'll be an honor for me to volunteer myself as a new face”, Haitian politician Nortreus says about the ongoing crisis in his home country and his official letter to CARICOM.


The Caribbean country is currently in a state of emergency because armed men or gangs (G9) in the capital have begun a revolution to overthrow Henry and his Govt. Protests by other opposition groups across the country and abroad also demand the resignation of the other board members of his administration.  


It's not clear what will happen next or who will replace him and his administration. Opposition groups have proposed a new government with new presidents, but there are disagreements between them. Haitian citizens also rejected the United States and CARICOM proposal for a Presidential council with multiple leaders composed of members of previous administrations.


Due to disagreements and the inability to find new leaders with a new government among opposition groups in the country along with the international community, Nortreus proposes a "Plan B" to CARICOM and looks forward to seeking a solution to the current crisis while the international community cooperates, as he says that the country's situation is caused by a lack of leadership. 


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