The Secrets Nigerian Casinos Have Been Hiding Finally Released By FOX9JA

There is something that Nigerian casinos don't want you to know. Fortunately, a new site called FOX9JA has conducted extensive research and released

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The Secrets Nigerian Casinos Have Been Hiding Finally Released By FOX9JA


There is something that Nigerian casinos don't want you to know. Fortunately, a new site called FOX9JA has conducted extensive research and released their findings to the general public. This gives potential, new and existing players the chance to discover what actually happens to your money when you place a bet at a BetKing casino.

They offer the 100% bonus, which is triggered when you deposit as little as 100 naira. This is revealed in the BetKing review published on FOX9JA. 

There are many forms to the secrets of the casino industry. Often, as is the case with BetKing, they point to the bonus offers. Sometimes they are connected to the profits that the casino makes. In other instances, it's about who really owns the casinos. FOX9JA reveals all on the website.

Did you realize that Merrybet offers no welcome bonus? That's a clear difference from the BetKing  bonus offer and is considered a unique aberration. Instead, Merrybet offers you 5% of your losses back each week on your bets. And if you refer a friend, you will be credited with 50% of their first loss. Clearly your chance to profit at BetKing is much higher.

FOX9JA also examines exactly how much profit each casino makes. Did you know that there is one casino in Nigeria that makes 20 times as much as any other? These are the type of secrets that FOX9JA reveals in their ongoing investigation into Nigerian casinos.

One item people may not know is which casinos cater to the high rollers. Betking is one of them. They have a welcome bonus that matches your cash up to 100,000 naira. That's a great deal more than the Nairabet bonus, which is capped at 50,000 naira. Clearly the number of free bets from Nairabet is much, much lower than what you will get from Betking.

Or, consider Bet9Ja. Their welcome bonus maxes out at 1,000 naira in matching funds. And you have to play that money through 10 times. Are they going for more of the common man than BetKing is? Read the numbers – and the BetKing review to find out.

FOX9JA also delves into the size of the bets at each and every casino. Imagine a casino that has fewer players but is processing all of the larger wagers being placed in a specific market. Compare that to casinos that welcome a large number of smaller bets.

FOX9JA works from the premise that BetKing casinos have long hidden these secrets from the average person. Instead they bombard people with all manner of advertisements online and at the cinema. This gives customers a skewed perspective on what a casino actually offers and how well it is doing financially.

Not only have these experts looked at publicly available information, but they have also cultivated contacts within all the major Nigerian casinos. This allows them to see a greater picture of the industry as a whole and within the Nigerian casino network in particular. They use the secret information they have uncovered to show you exactly what's going on at your favorite casino.

FOX9JA lays out this information and present it in a manner that is easy to read for the average user. A graphic is also presented and compares Nairabet's profits with all of the other casinos in Nigeria, and much of the data is cross-referenced.

The company also reveals the information about each and every casino owner. You'll find out if your favorite bet shop is indeed a local concern or if it is actually owned by large UK companies. That lets you know where the money you wager is really going to.

Most Nigerian casinos do not want this information to become public. And FOX9JA could have kept it for themselves. But the public knowing of all of the secrets of Nigerian casinos is very important, and releasing the information is crucial for the average Nigerian who wants to place a bet.

Full casino reviews are available at FOX9JA. You can read for yourself the history of what each and every casino has done to and for their customers. Find out who owns them. Discover the secrets of their welcome offer. Read everything you can about BetKing profit.

So, if you are curious about how this casino is really doing and how you can be rewarded with a BetKing free bet – or want to find any information about any other casino operating in Nigeria – take a look at the secrets that FOX9JA has posted for the general public.

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